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Gutter Screening Gutter Screening – Comes in 3 foot sections by 5 inches wide, slides in under the shingles with the outer edge which has a groove in it, fitting into the upper inner lip of the gutter. It is secured by a screw to the gutter at each end. Once in place, only the smallest […]

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Types: Aluminum, standard cut Aluminum, custom cut Copper Galvanized Vinyl Wood Accessories and fittings Also Known As: Aluminum, standard and custom cut: Reynolds wrap (if thin gauge) Aluminum, custom cut: Seamless Description: Gutter is made of five different materials: copper, wood, vinyl, galvanized metal, and aluminum. Aluminum, standard cut: Normal thickness, or gauge, is 27 […]

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PROBLEM CAUSE SOLUTION Water drips from rain gutter miter Caulking hasn’t bonded properly Caulking has split or pulled away Miter has not been caulked Recaulk miter Caulk miter Water drips from elbow at downspout Downspout return is too shallow Downspout outlet not sealed properly Elbow installed incorrectly Reslope downspout return Reseat and seal outlet Reinstall […]

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Aluminum Aluminum alloys that will corrode imperceptibly in industrial or marine environments are 5005, 5050, 5052, 5086 alloys 1100,3003,3004,6061-T4&T6,6063-T5,Alclad2024-T3 corrode somewhat more but work satisfactorily. (1) Anodic coatings of 0.4 to 0.7 mil and greater are used to protect aluminum 0.7 mil and greater would be best for a gutter interior Paint coatings of vinyl, […]

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Rain gutters protect structures from ice and water damage. (photo of damage). $300.00 more or less will purchase the material needed to protect a 2,000 square foot home with a straight gable. $450.00 more or less will protect a 2,000 square foot home with a straight hip roof in vinyl. Thin roll formed metal gutter […]

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