Rain gutters protect structures from ice and water damage. (photo of damage). $300.00 more or less will purchase the material needed to protect a 2,000 square foot home with a straight gable. $450.00 more or less will protect a 2,000 square foot home with a straight hip roof in vinyl. Thin roll formed metal gutter can be installed for about the same cost. A year or two of damp walls and foundations can result in thousands of dollars in damage. Plastmo can provide you with an exact quote for vinyl gutter. Home centers and hardware/lumber stores sell a wide variety of gutters. Your yellow pages probably list several on site roll formed gutter suppliers and contractors who install sectional gutter. Choose carefully as one leaky joint, end cap, outlet or corner can lead to expensive damage. I have personally repaired extensive damage on two homes due to deficient gutters.

One basic gutters is made from two boards nailed in a V shape, such gutters were common over doorways in Norway. The foundations of these buildings were high enough that splash back did not reach the wood structure. Cobblestones were also placed around buildings to help reduce splash back and erosion. This technique can also be seen at the Williamsburg Virginia historical site.

K-style and Ogee gutters were designed as low cost substitutes for decoratively moulded wood gutters (photo of wood gutter). Low cost portable roll forming machines have made these aluminum and steel gutters most common in North America.

Vinyl Gutter has been in use since at least the 1950’s. Plastmo began vinyl gutter production in 1959.┬áIn the late 1950’s when Plastmontage in Denmark began producing vinyl rain gutter almost all Danish rain gutter was made of zinc. Zinc sheet was formed to a half round shape with the back edge folded over and the front edge rolled to a tube for stiffness and appearance. The gutter lengths (about 4′) were soldered together with integral lap joints for a permanent seal. Most of this work was performed in local tin smith shops with hand powered shears, brakes, and rollers. The gutter was hung in galvanized hangers (similar to Plastmo long hangers) with a flexible tab which wrapped over the front gutter rim. Similar gutter can be found all over the world as it is easily fabricated, strong, dry and clean.

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